Sunday, January 1, 2012

Oologah the Unmerciful

I recently registered for the Forums of the Megaverse over on the Palladium Books site.  One of the users, MurderCityDisciple, noticed my hometown of "Oologah" listed in my profile and decided it would make a good name for a troll adversary that could face off with the characters in his Palladium Fantasy campaign.  He posted the stats for Oologah the Unmerciful in this thread.  It's good stuff all around.  I think it's pretty cool that someone got a creative spark from a passing reference to my hometown and created an NPC to use in his campaign. Without further delay, Oologah the Unmerciful is also presented below.

10th level Troll Mercenary
IQ 14 ME 12 MA 10 PS 30 PP 24 PE 23 PB 7 Spd 18
HP:63 SDC:100
Size: 13 feet 670 lbs
Age: 140
Horror Factor: 12
Natural Abilities: Nightvision 60', Climb 75%/65%, Swim 60%.
Saves: +4 vs Magic, +4 vs Poison, +3 vs Horror.

Attacks: 5
Crits on 18, 19 & 20.
To Strike: +7
Parry: +8
Roll with Punch: +2
Pull Punch: +4

Claw: 2d6 +18
Kick: 2d4 +18
Body Flip
Body Block
Pin: 18, 19 & 20.
Crush: 2d6 +18
Bite: 2d4

Twin Duel-Wielded Battle Axes: (double attacks) +11 to strike +10 thrown (5d6 +18 damage)
Hooked Broad Sword: +11 to strike +12 parry (3d4 +18)
Cast Iron Shield: +12 parry +9 bash (3d4+18 damage) 180 SDC
Spear: +11 to strike (3d6+18) +10 thrown (3d6+18+1d6) range 120 feet
Net: +10 to strike +11 parry (2d4+18 damage when used as a scourge) can entangle, snare and engulf victim (see book)

Armor: Hodge podge armor consisting of scraps of leather, hides and random metal rings and plates equivalent to AR13 SDC 58.

Troll 98%
Gobbley 90%
Eastern Common 90%
Literacy: 75%
Wilderness survival: 90%
Detect Ambush: 80%
Track Humanoids: 75%
Interrogation/torture: 70%
Recognize Weapon Quality: 75%
Camoflage: 70%
Prowl: 70%
Faerie Lore: 45%
Use/Recognize Poison: 24%/16%
WP-Axes, Swords, Paired, Spear, Blunt, Chain, Net, Shield, H2H expert.

Oologah is a scarred, bent and wicked old troll. He has a broken tusk capped with bronze, his hair is caked in grime, matted and grey. Both his beard and hair have dozens of rings both precious and otherwise woven into it. Wise, cruel and treacherous he loves nothing more than an ambush followed by looting and slaughter (both of which he excells at). He usually tries to capture a few captives for his own amusement, which he cruelly mocks, tortures and eventually eats. Oologah usually keeps a band of (10 or 12) kobold sneak-thieves and woodsmen in his company to scout out and spy unwary travellers. Tactically, he prefers not to jump into a fight, but would rather strike foes unawares or those otherwise engaged. He loves nothing more than feasting on faeries, which he often hunts for with his net and kobold trackers. He attributes his long life and good luck to his long history of eating faerie-kind.

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