Sunday, January 8, 2012

Reclaiming Old Gaming Stuff?

I am making a trip to my parents house in the near future.  There is some old stuff of mine over there that I am supposed to go through and decided if I still want it.  With any luck there will be some of my old gaming stuff in the contents.  The items that should be there include the following:

*  A folder full of old V&V characters from an old campaign.

*  Starter Traveller boxed set.

*  Dragons of Underearth microgame.

*  Various old gaming notebooks with a set of super hero rules designed that I designed with one of my friends.

*  Maybe a surprise or two?

I would like any all of this stuff to be there so I could maybe add a V&V character to my blog or something similar.  Fingers crossed...


  1. I hope you find Dragons of Underearth. There's some classic Denis Loubet art in that....

  2. @Anthony: Thanks!

    @jeffo: Interesting. I hope so also.

  3. Hope you find everything. I recently went through my box of old D&D campaigns and got rid of a few.