Sunday, February 23, 2014

Now Open - A Megaversal Miscellany

I have just started a new blog, A Megaversal Miscellany, to fill the gap I see in blogs devoted to game lines from Palladium Books.  There are certainly a decent number of RIFTS blogs or blogs that have some RIFTS material posted from time to time.  I am not worried about the RIFTS material because there is plenty of it available.  The focus of this new blog will be on the lesser supported Palladium game lines such as Dead Reign, Beyond the Supernatural, Nightbane, Heroes Unlimited, and Palladium Fantasy.

Currently, I am starting off by focusing on Dead Reign.  I am sure you are wondering why I would name a Dead Reign blog "A Megaversal Miscellany"?  The answer is simple - I plan on expanding into the other game lines at some point in the future.  I thought it was better to plan ahead instead of changing the name later.  I will make appropriate changes to stay in compliance with the Palladium internet policy once the change over happens.

Currently, I have just the welcome post up but there are various small projects underway.  I have some house rules that I will be posting up and an alternate setting for the Dead Reign game; eventually, I want to include all of this in a net book.  In addition, I have begun work on some of the custom additions like zombie variants, new OCCs, and a host of other resources.

At the moment, I am just the Dead Reign guy at A Megaversal Miscellany but it will be much easier to expand into the other game lines with your help. I want to stick with the lesser supported lines at the moment; all of the official resources are tied up with RIFTS and Robotech.  Certainly, there must be a fan or two of the Palladium lines that would like to contribute something.  I am on the hunt for guest posters or even permanent contributors.  

Do you want to write a review of a sourcebook?

Do you have a Palladium Fantasy race or O.C.C. that you have created and would like to share?

Do you have a write up for a new superpower for Heroes Unlimited

What part do you want to play?

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