Saturday, February 8, 2014

Thoughts on Dual-Stats?

Here is another post to break up the monotony of the D&D 40th Anniversary Blog Hop Challenge posts.  

Looking over my collection of role-playing products I noticed that I have a few among them that are dual-statted for two different rule systems.  That got me to thinking about the projects that I am currently developing.  I started thinking that maybe dual-statting some of these projects might make them more useful to people that download them.  This is all hypothetical at this point and I am not worried about discussing any legal or cost ramifications at this point.  So, for anyone that has ever purchased OR created a dual-stat product, I have a few questions:

What is your overall impression of dual-stat products? In other words, do you dig them?  Do you like the opportunity to get an impression of another game system?  Do you hate the idea?  Either way, I want to know.
For those that like dual-stat products, how do you prefer the information presented? Do you like the systems on opposing pages? Do you prefer the information presented in separate chapters, an appendix for the alternate system, or some other method?

I am just curious at this point and would like to get a feel for this kind of thing.  Any and all answers will be appreciated!


  1. I like dual stat products. If they are two systems I like then I get more bang for my buck. If one system is an unknown then I learn something.

    Typically I like to see Fluff, Stat block 1, Stat block 2.

    I have seen it were the second system is an appendix but that feels "tacked on". Of course if you are doing more than 2 systems then it make sense to have all the systems in an appendix.

    Looking forward to seeing what you do!

    1. Thanks for the feedback!

      Your thoughts mirror mine on the systems used being known by me or not. The stat blocks would probably work best right and flow a lot more smoother if they just followed each other like that. I can definitely see how putting it in an appendix could feel tacked on.

      My main goal is moving beyond posting stuff up on the blog to making some other stuff available through drivethrurpg or rpgnow or whatever. Finally, I am working on a print on demand product. When will this get completed? soon as I can!