A growing collection of links from various sites that have caught my eye.

A Megaversal Miscellany
My other blog (focused on Palladium Books): Home Page

Beyond the Supernatural
Fan resource site: The House of BTS

Free RPG Collections
Free RPGs sorted by genre: John Kim's Free RPGs on the Web
Free RPGs, 24 Hour RPG, & Game Chef: 1KM1KT
Free RPGs & advice:  The Free RPG Blog

Fantasy Fandom
Movies, Games, RPG, Fan Fiction, and more: Fantasy Fan

Game Locators
RPG Game Find

Gaming Advocacy
The Escapist

Judges Guild
Universal System (pdf): Judges Guild Universal System
Universal System (html page): Judges Guild Universal System
Judges Guild page: Downloads, Archives, Forums, etc.

Fraudulent or Suspicious Projects: RPG Geek List of Controversial or Fraudulent Kickstarters

OSR Files
OSR Conservation Process: Archive of Downloadable Documents
The Play Generated Map & Document Archive:

Perilous Journeys
Rules & Character Sheet download (pdf): Perilous Journeys pdf downloads

Assorted RIFTS thoughts about multiple topics: Quality in RIFTS
RIFTS House Rules wiki: RIFTS House Rules
RIFTS House Rules: Used by the Red River Valley Gaming Group
RIFTS House Rules: html collection

The Old Gamers Notebook
My experimental WordPress blog: Home Page

Fantasy Web Series Network: Index of Links
Progress the Series: About & Episodes