Saturday, February 16, 2013

Escape From Camp Blood (playtesting components)

I have been searching through the internet for mail order supplies that may help when I get to the point of creating a prototype of the game board and pieces.  The game board can be found simulated  by using a large piece of poster board until the details get worked out.  At that point, there are various sizes of blank folding boards that can be used for the game board.  As you can see, the game board is not an issue at all.  The poster board is a cheap alternative to use during playtesting until a final design is determined. 
With the biggest obstacle out of the way, I turned to the rest of the components.  Along with the poster board - could be purchased at Dollar General - I could use the small index cards for the item and event cards used during the game.  I could even cut each card in half and that could serve as two cards.  For less than $5 I could have a big chunk of the playtest materials ready.  Granted, there would not be any fancy art or anything at this point BUT that should not be an issue since all of this is for purely playtesting use.
The final hurdle to the components is some sort of counters, tokens, etc. to serve as representations of the various campers and the slasher they are avoiding.  I thought about using pawns - and I might for the initial playtesting - but I really associate them with chess and other games instead of a game about eighties slasher films.  Then I stumbled upon these little figures called meeples and thought that they would work perfectly. 
I found these things at Meeple Source and they have a wide variety of board gaming supplies that I could use.  There are all sorts of game boards (just like I need), counters, various tokens, monster meeples, people meeples, giant meeples, and all sorts of other things.  Other examples are pictured below.
Now that I have satisfied my curiosity about gathering game pieces that will look reasonably well done for a reasonable price it is time to get back to brainstorming.  More later...


  1. Hah! That's great stuff.

    I will drop you an email with further thoughts, but I did want to pass along that this is fantastic to see.

    And that Mr. Bill set (last picture) is hilarious. I keep expecting to see a giant hand come out and squish them.

    1. Thanks, Eric! Glad you're liking what has been shown so far. I look forward to reading your thoughts on the matter.

      Yes, a giant hand squishing them would be very appropriate! LOL...Mr. Bill is a classic and deserves his own star on the walk of fame.

  2. One idea charlie. Twilight creations who make Zombies sell bags of spare figures but I know of a few companies that do modern horror civilian miniatures

    1. Cool. I've seen those bag of zombies but I need to look at those spare figures. It would be very helpful.