Toldara (My Campaign)

The Toldara Campaign is the name of my home campaign world.  It is basically an amalgamation of all of my play experiences from the early 80s to the present.  It is a little bit of old school mixed with a little bit of new school; in fact, the design of Toldara was started during the 3E days by my cousin Alex and myself.  Toldara was updated to 3.5 and is now primarily powered by the Pathfinder rules in the campaign ran by Alex.  I am still experimenting with other rulesets to use as alternatives.

General Information
Basic Information on Toldara
Player Character Races
Toldaran Half-Orc Information
Basic & Advanced Rules
Religion: The Fractured Faith of Humanity
Religion: The Revivalists

3E Information
Anshu v1 (new school version)
Karnin v1 (new school version)
Oranian v1 (new school version)
Half-Orc changes (new school version)

B/X D&D Information
Anshus v1.1
to be continued...

MicroLite20 Information
Draft 1 of the MicroToldara rules

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