Projects & Downloads

A list of projects I am working on and links to completed resources I have created or helped to create.

Adventures in Fantasy
Book of House Rules: in development
Character Sheet: version 1
Reference Sheets: sheet 1 frontsheet 1 backsheet 2 frontsheet 2 backsheet 3 frontsheet 3 back.

Back to the Dungeon RPG
Character Sheet: in development
Post-Apocalyptic Adaptation: in development
Science Fiction Adaptation: in development

Perilous Journeys RPG
Character Creation Reference: Version 1

SteamCraft RPG
Character Creation Reference: in development

The Toldara Campaign
Back to the Dungeon RPG supplement: writing
Microlite20 version: MicroToldara Rules

B/X adaptation: writing/testing
Character Sheet: version 1.0
Horror Game: planning/writing

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