Monday, May 20, 2024

[Miniature Monday] Another Giant Mushroom


I decided to paint another giant mushroom, but I did it differently this time. I used standard acrylic paint applied in several layers on this one rather than the Vallejo Xpress Color (a speed paint) on the first one.  After it dried, I applied a Green Tone from The Army Painter to give it a tainted or poisonous appearance.  I will probably paint some more mushrooms for caverns located deep below the surface with all manner of subterranean threats.  I'm going to keep this short as this post is basically a continuation of the last post.  The top picture is the new mushroom while the bottom picture is a comparison between the two.

Monday, May 13, 2024

[Miniature Monday] Giant Mushroom

I'm still dabbling with the Vallejo Xpress Colors and I used them to paint this giant mushroom.  I've watched several videos about using speed paints.  I've made several attempts to match the coverage and the results I see in those videos. For whatever reason, I can't get the same kind of results.  I seem to be more in tune with the more traditional layered approach to painting miniatures.  I haven't abandoned the speed painting method.  

After the Xpress Colors dried, I used Dark Tone from the Army Painter line.  I like how dark and grubby this giant mushroom looks after using this wash over the Vallejo Xpress Colors.  These miniatures are available at one of the local stores for 99 cents each so I'm going to pick up some more of them to use for a cavern with several large mushrooms on the floor.

If you paint miniatures, have you tried any of the speed paints from the available brands? Do you have a method you developed on your own or do you follow something you saw in a video?  Do you have any suggestions for people learning this method?