Sunday, January 3, 2016

[mobile post] Current Events

This is just a quick post to recap what has been going on around here. Most of this stuff is relevant to gaming or this blog directly; some of it is related in a secondary manner.

Simply put, I need a new computer because the desktop I currently own is passing 15 years of use. It has served me well but it definitely not up to snuff anymore. That is why so many of my recent posts have "mobile post" as part of the title. I am not quite sure what I am going to get but I am not worried about playing video games or anything like that; I need something for reading (forums and general web surfing) and writing (blogs, hobby stuff, and other personal writing). I am considering some sort of chromebook for those purposes. Does anybody reading this know enough to give an informed opinion? Can I work on documents offline? Can I install Open Office or Libre Office?

I am a big fan of the games put out by Perilous Journeys Publishing so I want to help spread the word and support Perilous Journeys (fantasy), SteamCraft (steampunk), and new games they release in the future. I figured the best way to do that would be through a fan periodical. I am finishing up on the first issue and it will be released soon.

I have been on a Brandon Sanderson kick lately. I have read the first two Mistborn novels and I am currently reading Words of Radiance with the last Mistborn novel of the original trilogy and Elantris up next. I borrowed the Numenera rulebook and it is pretty cool; reminds me of running across Talislanta for the first time. I have also begun to really take an interest in the FUDGE rules.

I am still working on projects in the background. The main ones are currently a game "highly inspired by Adventures in Fantasy", an alternate bio-tech disaster setting book for a zombie apocalypse game, and updating my Toldara campaign world for one or more games.

The holidays are over and I am back to work tomorrow night. More later..