Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Welcome to the blog of the semi-retired gamer.  You may be wondering exactly what the title means.  It's pretty simple to explain.  I have been playing role-playing games off and on for over 30 years.  Since I have been growing older, getting married, raising kids, going to college, and basically just living life my time to devote to gaming has been drastically reduced.  I still get to participate in a tabletop RPG session once in a while but I usually just visit the forums, read rulebooks, or work on my homebrew campaign world.  In a nutshell, I don't actively game as often as I used to so I am "semi-retired".

What is this blog going to be about? I know that it will cover various topics related to gaming. That's a no-brainer.  The subject of my first series of posts will be the Adventures in Fantasy boxed set of fantasy role-playing rules written by Dave Arneson and Richard Snider.  I will begin with a first impression and then move on to exploring the rules. After completing AiF I will come up with another topic.

What's the posting schedule? I will begin this weekend and plan on sticking to a once a week schedule.  Who knows? It could be more frequently or less.   


  1. Thanks for starting this up!

    I look forward to some insight on the Adventures in Fantasy rules and, you know, whatever else you decide to discuss... :)

  2. Thanks for the words of encouragement!

    I hope it proves to be atleast a somewhat interesting read.