Sunday, February 17, 2013

Back to the Dungeon Supplement I: Toldara (working outline)

Toldara is the name of my campaign world for fantasy role playing games.  Much of it is not set it rigid stone and much of it exists only in notes.  Toldara is sort of an amalgamation of all of my play experiences from the early 80s until today mixed in with ideas from my cousin Alex.  He is handling the crunchier version of the setting - the Pathfinder rules - and I am working on a version using lighter rules such as the Back to the Dungeon RPG; more information about the game can be found at the Back to the Dungeon blog.  In my efforts, I have come up with the following outline to guide my work.
1.  Introduction (completed)
----------For Players----------------
2.  New Attribute Generation Methods (completed)
3.  Races (80%)
  • Information about the core races; modifications, exclusions, etc.
  • New races native to Toldara.
4. Classes (50%)
  •  New classes
  • Class variants (not sure)
5.  Optional Skill System (draft only - may be dropped)
6.  Character Backgrounds (80%)
  • Ideas for players that like to develop the background of their characters.
---------For GMs---------------------

7.  Monsters (draft)
8.  Magic Items (draft)
9.  World Information (draft)

Progress so far.  More later...


  1. Looks GOOD!

    Wow! Your blog is really getting a following! Spread the word about Back to the Dungeon RPG! It just might be the game that they have been looking for!

  2. What do you mean by an optional skill system? Is this in place of the classes? Are they additional things not covered by classes?

    1. Just a simple d20 set of standard skills, nothing too complicated. Kinda like the secondary skills from AD&D but maybe a bigger list. Still hammering it out....