Friday, February 15, 2013

I Got Bit

Some time in the last week or so I got bit by the writing bug.  I remember some random ideas popping in my head during the work day.  I wrote it down so I could add some detail later.  Then another idea came, followed by another, and then even more.  I seem to write better when I have several projects going at one time.  I can jump to another project instead of being stuck on the only one I am working on at the moment.  Yes, focus is a good thing but I need variety in my writing projects or my output starts to dwindle off pretty bad.  The following projects are currently in development as future posts.

Adventures in Fantasy: I am going to either scan the reference sheets or type up new versions; it depends on whether or not the information in the official sheets is all that useful.  There always seems to be a table or two that really should have replaced with something else in these type of resources.  I am also working on a character sheet for this old game.

Back to the Dungeon RPG: I am working on a supplement to BttDRPG that basically serves a similar purpose as Greyhawk back in the OD&D days.  I am shooting for a 32 page document that will show the house rules and custom mods for my campaign world Toldara.  I am also working on a character sheet for this game.

Old Gaming Notebook: I am starting to develop ideas for expanding on the original ideas and move closer to making complete games out of some of these concepts.

SteamCraft RPG: I have a pdf of this game BUT I am waiting on the hardback to arrive in the mail any day.  I definitely will be doing some posts on this game.  I am enjoying the pdf but I work much better with printed product.  Posts are coming soon,

USR: I completed version 1.0 of the generic character sheet.  I am still writing, testing, & revising the Outbreak RPG book.  I need to come up with another name because I found out there is already a zombie type game by the name of Outbreak - d'oh! I am also working on doing some USR to B/X monster conversions. 

WordPress: I have started experimenting with a blog at WordPress just to see if I am missing anything.  I like to try out several options before deciding on a product and in the case of blogs I did not do that.  If anyone is interested you can check it out at The Old Gamers Notebook to see the contents.  There are only two posts so far and - at least in the early stages - there will be some overlap between old posts here and there; there will be new posts there mixed in wit the old.  This is mainly just an experiment to see what all the free version of WordPress has to offer.  If I like it then I will maintain a separate blog there.  Regardless, this blog you are reading right now is staying and will continue to be developed. Basically, I just need to scratch my writing itch.  If I do not write something when I get the urge then it is probably gone or it will block me from writing most anything.  Writing is something I enjoy and would love to do it professionally but it does not come easy for me and I am not very confident in a lot of it.

There is everything I am writing on at the moment.  Some of it will be regular posts while some of it will make it into the A to Z challenge. Stay tuned...



  1. Zoinks!

    I know we haven't been "online friends" (how quaint!) for too long, but I do strongly encourage you to get some of these projects out the door, Charlie.

    You are a very creative fellow bursting with ideas, but too often tease us with unfinished prototypes of pure potential. As example: A little under a year ago you posted a kernel for Escape From Camp Blood, a horror board game. I thought the idea was fantastic and have awaited more peeps in that direction.

    I am a looking forward to the time when I can tell people that I knew you before you made it big in the gaming field. And, of course, the free (and signed!!) games you give your old pal Eric. Heh.

    Until then, I'll continue playing the cheerleading gadfly role.

    1. You are absolutely correct, Eric. I am an idea man from way back. I do plan on remedying at least some of these unfinished concepts ASAP. The roleplaying projects will be much easier to complete for me. I am committing extra effort to getting them done.

      The snag for me is the board game. I would be absolutely thrilled to do a board game someday - especially the Escape From Camp Blood idea - but I have virtually no practical experience in board game design. I have played several over the years and I really dig them. What I need is a good partner to help with designing that game. You know, someone that also grew up during that time period and someone that has watched those kind of movies. How does Escape From Camp Blood designed and written by Eric Baker and Charlie Warren sound to you? SERIOUS OFFER.

      If I was able to make it big in the gaming field that would be a dream come true. When I say "make it big" I mean "able to make a living" and that is it. Coolest job ever. :-)

      As always, I appreciate the support, Eric. I await your answer on the offer I made above.

  2. Wow that Back to the Dungeon Idea is the best ever! But really can't wait to see what you have got for the game!

    1. Cool! Glad you like it. It's been pretty smooth sailing so far so it should be soon.