Monday, October 19, 2015

Deal of the Day - SteamCraft Core Rules $4.50

*Shameless Plug*

The SteamCraft Core Rules have been selected as DriveThruRPGs Deal of the Day.  That makes the PDF 70% its regular price.  You can order it from here:

Putting the Punk into SteamPunk!

In the spirit of Gibson and Sterling's The Difference EngineSteamCraft takes you to an alternate, dystopian world where gears, goggles, and airships dominate life. The Industrial Age is joined by an early Information Age, combining into a gritty world where corporations use technological advances to amass hordes of wealth and power at the expense of the working class.  Meanwhile, technomages' ability to create by mixing magic with machine lurches ahead of their wisdom to control their creations and where scientific exploration is best done in coal powered airships venturing beyond the charted world maps.
It is a time when society threatens to plunge into either a dystopian future controlled by corporations and authoritarian governments, or one where heroic individuals manipulate information and technology to bring about a better future.  Intrigue, insidious evil, and the opportunity for both unlimited power, and unlimited beneficence await those that would explore this world.  The clever and the bold will shape that which it is to become.

With a Fantasy Edge

Just as Shadowrun mixes cyberpunk and fantasy, SteamCraft mixes steampunk and fantasy. The scientific wonders of Jules Verne and H.G. Wells mix with fantasy elements like dwarves and elves. The result is a world filled with ancient horrors as well as man-made beasts such as Clockwork Beholders.

Clockwork Beholder

Monday, October 12, 2015

[Perilous Journeys RPG] The Minotaur, Take One

The following monster entry is my first attempt at presenting the Minotaur using the Perilous Journeys RPG game stats.


H: 60-70  A: 36–45  S: 40  AF: 6
Attack: weapon +4/1d8/1d6

Encountered: 1-4

Description: Minotaurs appear to be large humanoid creatures with the head of a bull.  They are typically around 7 feet tall with a thick, rugged build.  Rumors speak of Minotaurs living on a diet consisting of humans and other smaller humanoid races.  Minotaurs are somewhat intelligent and may use tools and weapons.

Comat: Minotaurs tend to charge their opponents in an attempt to gore them for 1d8 damage; when closed to grappling distance a Minotaur may bite for 1d6 damage.  Some Minotaurs prefer to use weapons such as spears, clubs, or axes and get a +4 bonus to damage when doing so.  Minotaurs tend to attack things smaller than their size.  Minotaurs may be wearing a ragtag mix of garments for armor in addition to their tough hide and have an effective armor factor of 6 points.

Treasure: C

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

(mobile post) Entering Cryosleep

It's obvious that I haven't met my posting goals so far this year. This has been a hectic ride so far and continues to be time consuming in areas that prevent me from posting regularly. I am not closing this blog down but I am entering a deliberate period of little to no posting. I may pop up now and then with a post but it will definitely be sporadic instead of scheduled. Any of you readers that are anticipating any follow up posts on my various projects please stand by abut realize it will most likely be later rather than sooner. No worries - I will return...

Sunday, July 26, 2015

The Curse Continues / PBP or PBEM Recommendations?

Yesterday was supposed to be the first session of a new gaming group.  It has been several years so I was really looking forward to it.  We were meeting up around 6 p.m. to create characters and begin a Numenera campaign.  It was literally just a few hours or more until go time and all of a sudden there is an issue.  I am not going into details but, in short, the game did not take place; at least not with me. Put simply, I think I might need to change tactics so does anyone have any recommendations for a Play-by-Post or Play-by-Email site?  I need something that can accommodate the following:

1.  My work schedule is 5:00 pm to 3:30 am.
2.  I have an IPad; laptop bit the
3.  A slower paced game would be great; I'm not trying to post every day or anything like that.

Can you help me out?

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Disney Crawl Classics

I ran across a blog of a person who is using the DCC rules with his kids. He is using Disney characters to do this. 

If I tell my three children that they are playing a group of space-faring heroes they may smile. But if I tell them that their quest involves Buzz Lightyear, Wall-E, and Stitch they start jumping up and down with glee!

Imagine how excited my sweet little children will be after experiencing a Harley Stroh adventure with Mickey and friends. It’ll be swell!

My description of the three part mini-campaign was honest and to the point. “It’s like Kingdom Hearts… with corruption,” I told them as we sat down to choose characters.
You can read more at:

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

How To Play: Boss Monster

For anyone that read my original post about Boss Monster and would like more information, here is a video explaining how to play.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Does an "evil" alignment really make sense?

Alignment as many issues to deal with, but there is one that I am not sure has been commonly raised.  Would a PC or NPC actually identify itself as evil?  From an objective moral standpoint, we could say that an action is evil.  We could evil call certain people evil.  But, would these “evil people” actually call themselves evil?  Yes, there are occasional individuals who do use those labels, but it is extremely rare.  Even if a person is committing human sacrifice, they are not doing it with the thought that it is morally wrong.  They are doing it because they think it is morally right.  Professional assassins do not identify as evil either.  They are simply making money performing a service.  If someone hires them to kill someone else, that person probably deserved to die. 

In the PHB, Gygax argues that assassins must be evil because being paid money for killing sentient beings is evil.  As an objective moral truth, he may be correct.  However, it makes little sense to think that PCs would identify as evil even if the player selects an evil alignment.  Monsters would be even less likely to identify themselves as evil. 

The AD&D rules treat alignment as objective moral truth as well as self-identification.  Yet, it is virtually nonsensical to claim that a sentient creature would identify as itself as evil.  Right actions are the ones to be done and wrong actions are the ones not to be done.  When orcs raid human villages, they do not think they are committing a wrong.  They think they are doing something that is right.  In other words, orcs or any other “evil” aligned entity is likely to call itself and its actions as good. 

I would suggest that an altruistic and egoistic axis to replace the good/evil one.  Then you could have an order-freedom axis to replace lawful/chaotic.  An orc or assassin would be viewed as extremely selfish thinking its needs outweigh the needs and rights of humans.  This would resolve many, but not all of the issues.  At least in terms of what most PCs will encounter in typical D&D games, this would make more sense. 

Winter Dragon

Apparently, a late night pilot for a Wheel of Time television series was snuck out in the wee hours of the morning several months ago.  Jordan's widow was not impressed and I hear that legal action is being pursued.  If you have not seen the pilot, here it is.  I put off reading the series because Imhad fears that it would never be finished.  I need to give it a shot one of these days since Sanderson has completed the story.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Some Details on the (Tentative) Gaming Group

The Game
It looks like the first game we will be playing is the Pathfinder Beginner Box.  It is probably one of the best introductory products out there.  I can see why Paizo has a strong fan base.  If you do not own or know the details on the Pathfinder Beginner Box then check out the video below.

The box I bought was one of the newer ones so it also includes the Transitions booklet for going on to the full game after reaching 5th level.  Another option is using the E6 Pathfinder rules from the P6 Codex site.  Additional rules options include stuff from the Beginner Box Player Pack, the Beginner Box GM Kit, and various resources from the posts at EdOWar's Blog.  I also have other games I am going to pitch; SteamCraft, Dead Reign, and Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG to name a few.

Our initial thoughts are game sessions every 2 weeks but that may change.  Maybe we will be able to play more often?  

We have not actually discussed it but this will,probably be the easiest decision to make.

As it stands now the DM duties are going to rotate between myself and Alex.  Maybe someone else will give it a shot later?

More later as decisions are made...

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Another Take on The Power Rangers

I am sure that most of you have seen the short film of the Power Rangers Bootleg Universe that seemed to get some pretty strong reactions from some people that viewed it.  I definitely dig it and this film is pretty much in line with the tone I would want to see for the Power Rangers.  If you have not seen it yet then check it out.