Friday, January 20, 2012

Post Updates & A Blogger vs. Wordpress Question

After a week that was much busier than I hard originally thought, I am now checking up on the blogosphere this morning.  I see that I also have a little bit of catch up to do so this post will serve as an update on several things of mine that need updating.

A - Z Topic
I have decided on a topic for the A-Z challenge in April. I will post about (wait for it) gaming in the 1980's.  I tried brainstorming a few topics and then it hit me a few days ago - I have a role playing blog, I dig the OSR stuff, and I was there in the '80s playing D&D so why not just post about the games and people I was gaming with in the 80's.  

Old Gaming Item - FOUND
I was unsuccessful in locating all of the items I mentioned in the earlier post but I did find one; the rule books from the Dragons of Underearth set from Metagaming. The counters are not there but I know there are plenty of microgame fan sites that have many counters available for download.  I may need to compare Dragons of Underearth against Legends and Other Worlds, who knows?  I will definitely do a read through of Dragons to see if the feeling of missing detail is there like I remember.  The search continues for the other items...

Read Throughs of Adventures in Fantasy & Perilous Journeys
I will continue doing posts about read throughs on Adventures in Fantasy and Perilous Journeys.  I would probably expect PJ to be completed first.  I know I started AiF first BUT it seems somewhat irritating and confusing to read in some (many?) spots.  Never fear, I will continue.

I have no desire to change blog sites because I have had very few minor problems here.  With that being said, It seems that there are several blogs that have moved from Blogger to Wordpress but I have not noticed any blogs that have moved from Wordpress to Blogger.  I admit that I have not been actively searching for such sites.  I am just curious about hearing the opinions of others on this topic.  Is Wordpress "better"?  Is Blogger a big hassle?


  1. Glad you have a theme for the Challenge. I'm good with that one. And glad you found your rule book.
    I'm happy with Blogger and knowing that the Google Friends Connect will end in two months for Wordpress, I have no desire to switch.

  2. I don't know the admin side of Blogger (or Wordpress) so I can't rate that but as a reader of blogs I came to more and more hate Blogspot blogs. They load slower than Wordpress and they behave buggy. (Like when you want to read comments the new window takes ages to load and jumps to the bottom of the page, so you have to scroll all the way up to the first comment which is a hassle on blogs like Grognardia that can have 30+ comments to a post.)

    1. Thanks for the info. I am just curious at this point. I am going to take a good look at the stuff you pointed out and see if it will further help form my opinion.