Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Gene Is Passed On

My son, Ethan, received the Wii version of the Skylanders game for Christmas.  Since then he has gotten several additional characters.  We got him a new character yesterday and he started using him immediately.  As you are building up the various characters one of the things you can do is buy power ups from a fairy.  When you run out of money or your funds are too low, you can get more by bashing barrels or other items on a treasure hunt until you get enough for the next power up.

As I am surfing the net on my laptop watching Ethan play his new character, Sonic Boom, his funds become too low after a power up.  I expect him to go around breaking barrels or traveling to beat areas that have already been cleared.  I even asked him if that was what he was going to do.  Ethan responds with, "No, Dad.  This is what you do. Watch me.".  He grabs the treasure chest figurine, places it on the portal of power, and promptly locates the treasure chest and retrieves the money and jewels within.  At this point - to my surprise - Ethan immediately removes the treasure chest and places it back on the portal of power.  This causes the treasure to re-spawn so he can collect it again.  He figured out that he can just walk back and forth on a short trip doing this little trick to collect money instead of roaming all over the map.  He's figured out how to grind through character improvements at five, so I'm sure I will see more of this to come in the years ahead.

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