Sunday, January 29, 2012

Help With W, X, and Y...

I am participating in the A to Z April challenge this year.  The theme for all of my posts is the experiences of my gaming group and 80s gaming; of course, posts with related subjects like movies we watched as a group or video games will also be done.  I have 23 letters of the alphabet pretty much completely planned out ahead of time.  I am having problems with W, X, and Y.  Can anyone that follows this blog give me some words or phrases beginning with those letters to serve as prompts?  Feel free to submit whatever you feel - it may just be the thing that jogs some cobwebs loose and gives me an idea for that post.  Any and all suggestions will be highly appreciated!


  1. W - West End Games
    X - X-men (comic rpgs)
    X - Xanadu (horrible 1980 film), capiltal of Mongolia with Gengis Khan (oriental rpgs?), Rush song from 1977 (Rush is a popular group for gamers.)
    Y - Young Guns (western rpgs?)

  2. Darius, you rock! That actually helps quite a bit.

  3. W - WEEeeooooooooooooo.... *thud*

    * The long, low, whistling sound made by a character falling... and falling... and landing.

    - Toon, Steve Jackson Games

  4. Xenophobia - the fear of strangers, which one would have to be when all could be a zombie..haha

    Y = You're Dead = I fell down a whole and now have to watch this bloody screen pop up

    W = wandering aimlessly. Lost in videogames, before the days of the internet.