Saturday, June 29, 2013

[Fixing an Omission] K is for Karnin

A to Z 2013 is long over but I just figured something out - my "K" post was blank.  I do not know if it got eaten by the Blogger Gremlins or if I just screwed it up in my haste to get everything ready.  I got kind of lucky because I still have a copy in Word.  Without further delay, here is the monster entry version for the Karnin, a canine race from the world of Toldara.
K is for Karnin
Karnin are another option for a PC race from the Toldara campaign.  The Karnin have much in common with the Anshus but the similarities have not resulted in harmony but rivalry and competition between the two cultures; much like the Dwarf & Elf wars that are in the histories of several campaigns I have played in.  It seemed to be a common event in the 80s.  I am not 100% sure that the Karnin are going to be a playable race in the B/X campaign so I am providing them as a monster entry in B/X format.
Armor Class:       6                                                         No. Appearing:    1-6 (5-40)
Hit Dice:               1+1                                                    Save As:                 Fighter 1
Move:                   120’ (40’)                                          Morale:                 9          
Attacks:                2 claws/ 1 bite/ 1 weapon            Treasure Type:     U
Damage:              1-4/1-4/by weapon                         Alignment:            Lawful
Karnin are canine humanoids standing almost seven feet tall.  They can be found most everywhere and have a deep respect for the natural order of things and believe it is their duty to be resourceful instead of wasteful.  Karnin are open to visitors in their realms and can make powerful allies.  For every 18 karnin encountered there will be one leader (level 3-8: 1d6+2) and who may have magical items.  To check for possible magical items, multiply the leader’s level by 5.  The result is the percentage chance for that leader to own a magical item from any one particular subtable.  Roll separately for each subtable, and check all the magic subtables.  Karnin feel a general animosity towards Anshus and will be on alert in their presence.  Individual members of these two races may become friends but these two cultures will most likely never experience more than short, sporadic moments of peace between them.    
Still not quite "perfect" but it is getting there...

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