Saturday, May 24, 2014

SteamCraft Supplements Kickstarter Update

This is just a quick update on the SteamCraft RPG: The Supplements Edition kickstarter that I backed and mentioned a few posts ago.  The initial funding goal was met pretty quickly and by the third day or so the first stretch goal was reached!  The funding currently sits at $1,307 pledged on a $850 goal with 29 days left to pledge.  I have my fingers crossed that at least a few more of the stretch goals will be met.  This is their second kickstarter and it follows their successful kickstarter for the SteamCraft core rule book. 

For anyone interested in steampunk role-playing this is a great opportunity to go "all in" at two very reasonable price levels: $40 for pdf products and $75 for print products.  The products you will receive for funding at either of these levels include the SteamCraft RPG core rules, the Wake the Dead adventure parts one to three, and the Shadows Over Newport supplement. With either of these you will also receive a pdf of the Ironskeep Introductory Adventure that will teach the game to new players as they explore the city of Ironskeep and the nearby areas; this is the first stretch goal.  Either way you decided to go you will get six products for a very good price.

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