Saturday, July 12, 2014

A 5E Hit Die House Rule Idea

I have finished reading through the 5E Basic Rules I had printed out at Office Depot.  Although I was very skeptical before the release of any 5E product, I am very happy that my initial suspicions were unfounded.  I am looking forward to getting the Starter Set in several days and I have been coming up with ideas for adventures when I get a home campaign up and running. 
This is the first Wizards edition of D&D that I want to play by the book.  The course of D&D has been righted with this release and I am very much looking forward to getting the PHB.  I had originally intended to wait until I evaluated the Starter Set and played a few sessions but I am enjoying the Basic Rules enough that I am ready to dive in.
I am in no rush to get started on a big list of house rules.  I have not even played a session yet.  It seems like a pretty solid rule set and I do not want to go messing around with it before I give the rules as written a good workout.  That does not mean I have no ideas for any house rules at all.  I do, in fact, have an idea or two that I may implement in the future to see how well they work in actual play.

Hit Die
I think the Hit Die for Fighters (d10) and Clerics (d8) is perfect.  I think it makes sense that the Rogue and Wizard both use a smaller Hit Die than the Cleric and Fighter; they both use a d6.  I am thinking of changing the Hit Die for Rogues to a d6 and for Wizards to a d4 for no other reason than to fit my perception.  

Page 7 of the Basic Rules state that “…hit points define how tough your character is in combat and other dangerous situations.”  It makes more sense to me to have the Rogue less tough than the Cleric because the Cleric represents a type of warrior priest instead of a devout member of the clergy.  It makes sense for the Wizard to also be less tough than the Rogue and the other classes as well.  I wonder if a d4 is too low.  I did double check the B/X rules and both the Thief and Magic-User use a d4 for hit points.  Interesting.

Final Thoughts
Who knows if I will implement this change any time soon.  I can see a few things that I could start working on right now.  New races, classes, backgrounds, and trinkets come to mind pretty quickly.  I believe I will wait on most of these to see what is in the PHB.  Why duplicate something that is coming out in an official write up in a short while?  If I work on anything else it will probably be trinkets because that would be a small investment of time if something was duplicated.  Have any of you experimented with any house rules yet?  Do you have a new race, class, or a rules mod you would like to share?     


  1. I really like this edition also. Think I will run it rules as written for awhile.
    I've gone from being skeptical, to embracing the new edition.

  2. I can relate to that. I sure hope they give Gamma World a good new update along these lines. Fingers crossed...