Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Out With The Old, In With The New...

This post will serve as a general update and retrospective look at the last year with a glimpse of what is coming in 2015.

Looking Back at 2014
I am pretty satisfied with most of my output during the last year.  I tend to take on too many hobby projects and I continued to do so during 2014.  Naturally, some of these projects stalled and some flourished.  I had planned to have a total of 450 posts by the end of the year but I fell short of that goal by 31 posts.  I had enough in draft to surpass that mark and be on the way to 500 but that is the way things turned out.  The combination of two factors led to a reduced output.  First, production demands at work picked up and required the work week to be increased to five and sometimes six days a week instead of only four.  I decided to transfer to the night shift to avoid day care and fix a situation with an unreliable sitter for the children.      

Looking Ahead to 2015
Moving forward with posting in 2015 I am going to try to narrow my focus a bit.  That is the goal but I will not be surprised if I fail more often than not at task.  The fact is that I am just really curious about other games and have a big time case of gamer ADD so it is likely to be a challenge to force myself to focus my attention on a short list of subjects and games instead of many.  I am aiming at 600 posts by the end of 2015. The information below will give a look at the subject of many of those posts; of course, there will be other subjects pop up from time to time.    

Miscellaneous Updates
I do have some ongoing projects I post about and some other subjects for posts that I have committed to continuing in the future.  The following can be considered a tentative guide to what is coming up ahead.

A Megaversal® Miscellany: This is my other blog covering all of the Palladium Books® game lines. I feel there is a lack of blogs devoted to their games so I started one.  I fell off track in updating the blog but I am going to try to do a modest one post a month for 2015.  Yes, that is a grand total of 12 posts but I hope to offer more.  I had envisioned this blog as a player driven resource for material usable with Palladium Books® games; kind of by the fans, for the fans.  Simply put, a place to showcase a house rule or new O.C.C. etc. without going through the approval and editing phases for official material.  If anyone is interested in contributing, please drop me a line and we can get the ball rolling.  I do not care if it is a variant rule, a new race, an alternate setting, or whatever.  The only requirement I have is that it maintains full compliance with their online policies.  My only role would be host and ensuring your post on the blog has all of the necessary "®" and "™" annotations and does not violate their policy.    

AiF Restatement Project: I am still working slow and steady on the Adventures in Fantasy Restatement document.  I want to make sure that this is “right” because it is not really my work but an unsolicited fan update.  Every effort is going to made to keep things by the book but there are some instances where the original editing was just atrocious.  In those instances, I am forced to look at other sources for the answers.  As soon as I get the players section of the rules complete I will post it up for some feedback.

Back to the Dungeon: I have some support articles and documents I am getting ready for this neo-clone role-playing game. I helped out a bit with some of the rules sections and had some ideas for other areas of the rules.  I want to support since I helped get it where it is at now.  I have also begun outlining some adaptations to a other genres; particularly, a science fiction version, a supers version, and a zombie apocalypse version.

Dragons at Dawn: I was able to track down a copy of this Arnesonian game last year.  I plan on at least a post covering my impression of the game.  It is a fascinating read so far and if inspiration strikes then I will try designing some support material.

Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG: I still think this is one of the best games out there now.  Reading this massive tome is fascinating and the dice chain is a real blast to mess with.  I have some ideas for a few resources to use with DCC RPG.

Perilous Journeys: I have the first edition of this game and the author, Jamie Hardy, is currently going through the rules working on a second edition.  I will clean up whatever resources I have for the current version but I am going to try to hold off on getting too far into the development of further resources until the second edition is released.  Who knows?  From the sneak peek I got at it the conversion work will not be an arduous task.
Robotech Reaction: I have started watching the series but I am not sure if I am going to stick with the plan and do a post after every DVD.  I am thinking that I may change to a post covering each series – Macross Saga, Masters, New Generation – and a post covering the bundle of extras.

S.T.A.G.E.: Short for Simple Tabletop Adventure Gaming Engine.  These rules are an experiment in a new direction for me.  In fact, I called in reinforcements and I am working on these with a partner.  I have played all sorts of games but I have very little exposure to the rules light or freeform rules systems.  I will work on them as inspiration hits.  When they are ready they will be available with a creative commons licensing if anyone is interested.

SteamCraft: I have some reference material I created that might need cleaned up a bit; it has been a while since I put some eyes on it so it is a good time to take a look and evaluate.  I plan on using this rules system for when I post adaptations of races, items, etc. from steampunk sources for my steampunk Saturday series of posts.

That is it.  Happy Gaming to all in the New Year and I look forward to seeing your new posts!

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