Monday, January 5, 2015

Perilous Journeys: Ideas On New Magic Items

With the recent posting I have done about the Perilous Journeys Fantasy Role-Playing Game I have had a few ideas here and there for some personal additions to the game.  These are far from complete but I wanted to post them up to preserve the ideas.  The main point is to get the idea down so I can use it later.  

Blanket of Rejuvenation          VII
When a character uses this blanket for rest then Health is recovered at 30% of its normal rating per day assuming a full 8 hours of rest in a safe location.  If not, then health is restored at a rate of 10% per four hours of rest with 4 being the minimum required for health restoration.

Boots of Water Walking          VI
The wearer is able to walk on water for a short distance or a short period of time.  Probably limited uses per day.

Cloak of Invisibility          ?
When the wearer draws the hood over their head and gives the command word, they will turn invisible for a limited amount of time.  Limit the number of uses per day.  Maybe throw in adding to thievery, stealth, or something similar.

Dust of Sleep          V
When the user sprinkles this or blows it in the victim's face, the victim will go to sleep for 2 rounds.  Limit the amount of doses in a bag.

Key of Entrance          VIII or IX?
This is a normal looking key that will actually open up any mundane lock that it is used for.  Upon insertion, the key must lay still so it can adjust to the lock.  The simpler the lock, the faster it is to open.  More complex locks will require more time.

Spectacles of Comprehension          VII
Using this normal looking set of eyeglasses will allow the reader to read any writing they come across in their own language.  Put a time limit and a daily usage on it.

As I previously mentioned, this is all a work in progress and is not complete yet.  More later...

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  1. I would use the heck out of a blanket of rejuvenation!!! And a good cloak of invisibility is great for non-casting, stealthy characters. Which is 90% of what I play!