Friday, July 16, 2021

Pretty Much Done

I am moved in and just taking care of small tasks like getting a bookcase or other similar items.  Things are rolling along smoothly so I decided to make a quick post with a few small updates.

Final Move
Barring any unforeseen life changes then this will be my final move.  I hate the whole process and I really do not want to undertake any more of them.  This was was not terrible or bad in any way at all.  I just hate the entire ordeal.

New Old Game Stuff
I bought another package of Dangerous Journeys items and I pretty much have all of the game products except for the run of Journeys magazine and maybe one rulebook.  I will have to double check.

Expanded (Game) Focus
I absolutely enjoy D&D and will continue to focus my gaming posts on the game and similar systems but these new purchases have really made me want to branch out into other games.  I am aiming to post more frequently about games other than D&D such as The Fantasy Trip, Dangerous Journeys, Palladium Fantasy, and others.

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