Saturday, December 11, 2021

Jason of House Vorheez [Delving Deeper Monster]

 I forgot to post this around Halloween but I had intended to "improve" and complete the information in this monster inspired by Jason Vorheez.  I thought it would be a fun project for that time of the year, but I never was completely satisfied with the entry.  Maybe I will complete it in the future?  It's time to do some Christmas time monsters and I haven't even begun.

Jason of House Vorheez

in Lair



11 3125n/an/a*C

Jason was a young knight and Herald of the ancient House of Vorheez.  He was the only son of Queen Pamela and King Elias.  One of his duties was meeting with other monarchs to handle lower-level court matters. On one such mission, young Jason was betrayed by a group of mercenaries and assassins. Jason was terribly wounded, and his body was thrown overboard left to die.

Upon hearing of Jason’s death Queen Pamela went mad with grief and rage. Not only did she lash out with her armies, but she sought out the help of dark powers to avenge her son's death. Hearing her pleas, the dark gods granted her wishes by raising him from death in a twisted mockery of life. His mother would never know if her prayers were answered. A group of rebels had fought their way into her chambers and Queen Pamela was beheaded.

Jason returned to their ancestral home to find his mother slain and the rebels celebrating at their dinner table. He slaughtered the small group of rebels as his first act of vengeance. Word spread quickly about the return of a cursed Jason with a grim skull like visage. Even though the rebels were successful the ancient Vorheez Castle has remained dormant. Legends say that Jason still waits in his ancestral home - sitting on the King’s throne with his mother’s head on the Queen’s throne – ready to exact vengeance on those that disturb their lair.

Jason is now an undead guardian sitting dormant in his ancestral home; this castle is considered his lair.  He functions as a 5th level Fighter in combat and never needs to check morale.  He is adorned with plate mail and carries the short sword +1/+3 vs Men types that he carried in life; if separated from his weapon he is capable of using any melee weapon. Jason has no personal treasure except whatever items still remain in his family home.  Jason may be turned like other undead but instead of a religious icon the attempted turning must be done with a family relic such as a locket with a visage of his mother.  A successful turning will give Jason pause and the adventurers will have an opportunity to attack at +1. If Jason is lowered to 0 hit points, he does not die but enters a dormant state and will awaken again...   

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