Sunday, January 29, 2012

Single D6: Action Results Table

My plans are for the single D6 game to be quick playing and easy to use.  I think the easiest way to do that is to base all attempted actions on the role of a single D6 against the Action Result Table.  Fans of Talislanta will find this table very familiar.  The process is pretty simple and straightforward.

1.  Compare the character's Skill or Attribute Rating against the Difficulty of the Action.
2.  Take the difference (positive, negative, or even zero) and apply it to a D6 roll.
3.  Refer to the chart below to see the outcome of the attempted action.

Action Result Table
If you roll a The Result is
0 or less Mishap
1 to 2 Failure
3 to 5 Success
6 or more Critical

The following guidelines may be used when interpreting the results from the Action Result Table.
Mishap:  The attempted action not only fails but has unexpected consequences such as the character drops or breaks his weapon, accidentally injures himself, the spell backfire, or some other similar outcome.  The decision is in the hands of the GM to determine the details of the mishap in correlation to the attempted action.
Failure:  The attempted action fails to achieve the intended results.
Success:  The attempted action succeeds and achieves the intended results; this could be anything from a moderate to success to a complete success depending on the circumstances.  The higher the roll, the better the outcome.
Critical:  The attempted action not only succeeds but also has unexpected benefits such as a major wound inflicted on the target, a bulls eye shot, or some other similar outcome.  Again, it is the duty of the GM to determine the details of the critical in correlation to the attempted action.


This is all just first impression type ideas without any play test being done at all.  I may have to adjust the numbers in the left hand column in the ART.  That will allow for a wider improvement range for characters over their adventuring career.  To go along with the table above, Attributes and Skills will be rated with positive and negative number; for example, -2, -1, 0, +1, +2.  This rating will be applied to the D6 roll in the appropriate situations related to the attribute or skill in question.

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