Monday, May 7, 2012

A to Z 2012: Reflection Post

I just participated in my first A to Z post challenge since I began blogging.  It was an interesting exercise and here are some of my thoughts on the challenge:
I actually did get a post out for every day that was scheduled;  There were 2 posts - iirc, of course - that I posted late due to a minor finger squishing at work.  It looked like my finger was going to be splinted for an entire week but it turned out to only be for two days.  I made the appropriate number of posts but a few were delayed momentarily due to a lack of right index finger 
Most of my posts were prepared and scheduled ahead of time.  This is especially true of the earlier posts.  That seemed to make the entire challenge much easier to complete.  I would recommend that others at least plan the subject of the post in advance.
The problem letters for me were X, Y, & Z.  I honestly did not complete them until pretty much the day that they were scheduled to be posted.  I tried using prompts and ideas from other places but those three letters were a challenge for me. 
I got quite a bit of traffic to my blog.  On some days it was two, three, or even four times the usual traffic.  I figured that it might increase a little bit due to participating in the challenge but I was pleasantly surprised by the number of visitors.
The comments from all those visitors was very interesting.  There were very many unique perspectives and experiences in relation to the theme of my blog.  I only had to delete one spam comment with all of the additional traffic so it was not a hassle at all.  I appreciate every single bit of participation in the comments section of my posts - THANKS!
The only area that I felt I failed on was visiting and commenting on other blogs.  I did visit many but I did not visit all of them.  My employer unexpectedly increased the work schedule during the challenge so something had to give - sorry :-(.
I survived the A to Z challenge of 2012 and I am interested in participating again next year.  I am already thinking of ideas for 2013 but I would also like to break away from just gaming on next year's posts.  I am not quite sure what the subject may be - maybe some of my followers can make suggestions for each letter or an over arcing theme and I can go from there.  ANY IDEAS?

Thanks to all my fellow participants, all those that left comments, and all those that just stopped by to read a random post.  It was a fun time and, as I stated previously, I am not opposed to participating again. 


  1. You killed it, Charlie.

    I read every post of yours for the challenge and thought you did a fantastic job. You even soldiered through an injury! Pfft. How many other bloggers can claim the same?

    Great work. And thanks a lot for the fun reads.

    1. Thanks, Eric! I definitely appreicate the time you took to read every post and to comment also. Hmmm...that's a good point about the finger! Maybe I should commission a badge for my blog showing a bandaged finger? Seriously, thanks for the kind words and I hope to maintain your interest as I move forward.

  2. Hi Charlie. I am visiting blogs that I missed during the challenge. Congratulations on finishing! It was my first challenge too and I had the same problem with a workload increase in April. It was fun though. Good luck to you

    1. Hi Heather. Good idea and I think I will follow suit. Congratulations on finishing the challenge.

  3. Well put summary of the challenge. It would be hard to visit 1,700 odd blogs in 26 days although because of my free time, I attempted the task. I found it exhausting but rewarding. Well done for finishing.

  4. I didn't visit every blog either. I'm trying to do that now.

    Precious Monsters