Friday, May 25, 2012

D&D Next: First Impressions

As soon as I was notified by email that the playtest packet was ready to download I headed over to the Wizards site to do so.  It seems that so many people were doing the same thing so I had issues with access.  I tried a few times and then decided to download the stuff later in the day after the initial rush. 

After finally downloading and browsing through the playtest documents I can say one thing for sure - I am interested!  I believed that I would be disappointed after 4E but I can honestly say that I like the impression I got when I browsed through the documents.  I did not do a line by line read through of the material but I think it could serve as a steady base that will obviously get houseruled by groups looking for a certain style of play.  If it continues in this manner, then I will definitely pick up a PHB on release.

Now I am off for a thorough read through...


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  2. I had a similar feeling upon reading the play-test materials... hope.
    There was a familiar vibe to the whole thing with a couple of new things thrown in such as Advantage/Disadvantage. This looks good on paper but I will reserve judgement until my group plays this and the rubber hits the road.

    1. I hear you, David. I hope it plays as well as the impression I have of the material. I'm just glad the contents were able to instill a feeling of hope about the direction of the game instead of further disappointment.

    2. So I was at a con this weekend doing some selling. I ran into this other publisher - Skirmisher games. They had this weird D&D module. You make 4E characters. Along the way through the module, something happens and you regress to 3E characters, then 2E, then AD&D, then Basic D&D. Not sure how that works in terms of game play where your 4E Paladin, Mage, Rogue, Barbarian, Monk, Gnome eventually ends up as just a halfling because there aren't gnomes in BXD&D.

      Anyway, seemed appropriate to mention the module.

    3. That is an awesome idea for an adventure! I believe that the higher level boxes in the BECMI line had options for fighters to become Paladins and a few similar other options involving the other classes. I am not sure on the Gnome. I believe that one of the OD&D supplements had the Monk in it. That sounds like it could be lots of fun to play.