Friday, September 14, 2012

Heads Up...

...On The Quick6 RPG System
I have finally had some clear thoughts about the Single D6 RPG system that I was brainstorming for a while back.  My concept is a game that is easy and quick to get up and running so people can just get to playing instead of preparing.  Some decisions I have made include:
  1. The name of the system will be Quick6 and will be completely - or maybe "almost completely" based around the use of six sided dice for game play.
  2. There will be a basic version of the rules will use a single D6 vs. the simple Action Result Table for task resolution. 
  3. There will be an "advanced" version using 2D6 vs. the expanded Action Result Table for task resolution.
I have begun working on the draft document of the basic version of Quick6: Fantasy and it seems to be coming together pretty good.  This will just be the initial ideas and will need further expansion and clarification.  I hope to have the draft document available for download in the next week or so.  I would not mind a bit if people would provide feedback once the document is available.  I know it has been a little while since I put down my very basic ideas but I would definitely appreciate any and all input.  I am not going for anything revolutionary to the hobby - just an easy to comprehend game with quick setup and smooth play.     


  1. Count me in! I am very much looking forward to whatever document you provide.

    1. Thanks, Eric! I am still plugging away at it. May take a little longer than expected but I definitely plan on it being sooner rather than later.