Sunday, September 2, 2012

Recovered Treasures...

I was digging around in the attic at my parent's house this weekend and found the following old gaming products:
Basic DM's Rulebook
Expert Rulebook
Companion Players Book
Companion DM's Book
Master Players Book
Master DM's Book
B1: In Search of the Unknown
X1: The Isle of Dread (original cover, iirc)
X1: The Isle of Dread (updated cover with a T-Rex on it)
Dungeon Masters Adventure Log
I1: Dwellers of the Forbidden City
N2: The Forest Oracle
Lorebook of the Void
Concordance of Arcane Space
Lost Ships
Not a bad find at all but there are a few missing items.  I could not find the Players Book for the Basic set or the rest of the contents of the Spelljammer boxed set.  I do happen to have the complete Moldvay version - Basic & Expert books - so the missing players book from BECMI is not that big of a concern.  Back in the day I looked at Spelljammer but I honestly never tried it.  The premise sounded good but all of us sorta thought it was goofy.  I would have liked to have found everything from it to see what I think of it now.  Oh well, maybe next time...


  1. That's excellent! Great recovery there, Charlie.

    'In Search of the Unknown' is worth its weight all by its lonesome.

  2. I hear you, Eric. I was surprised it was still there. Yeah, "In Search of the Unknown" is excellent!