Monday, September 9, 2013

D&D 30 Day Challenge - Day 9

I really do not have any D&D characters that I have not played.  When it asks for a character that I "have not played" I am taking that as "rolled up but never played" for one reason or another.  As far as I can recall, I have played every D&D character that I ever generated.  If I take other games into consideration then I have several characters that I have not played:
A Paladin type character for Fantasy Hero.  My gaming group just was not interested in what they perceived as a very high learning curve for the Hero System games.  I sure would have like to play one of these games.
An autoduellist from the original GURPS Autoduel.  I could never get my friends interested in devoting any time to the GURPS line.  We played plenty of Car Wars so I do not know why this one had no appeal to them.  Sigh...
A Cymrilian Warrior Mage and a Gnomekin Warrior for Talislanta.  My old group actually played this several times but some of the other players just were not into Talislanta at all.
Several characters for Villains & Vigilantes.  I used to make up characters for this game just because it was fun.  Somewhere in storage is an old folder of mine with a ton of V&V characters inside; illustrations for all are included.  One of these days I should dig that out and do some old school V&V posts about the characters and campaign world we created in our youth. 
There you have it - not one favorite character that I have never gotten to play but a list of characters that may or may not have been a lot of fun to play.  Maybe one of these days...

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