Sunday, October 16, 2011

[Adventures in Fantasy] Book of Faerry and Magic Pt. 1

Next stop on the AiF examination is Book II: Book of Faerry and Magic.  As usual, I begin with a quick flip through of the manual and see what grabs my attention.  I did notice three things about this rule book. First, there is no indication on the cover that this is book 2 but there is on the title page. Second, the ink inside of the book is green like the green cover. Third, the very low amount of art in this book.

The Cover
The cover art depicts a magical duel between two wizards.  One appears to be an elf and the other appears to be something like an orc or hobgoblin.  It's a pretty straightforward piece but it serves to show the magical powers in command by the two wizards in battle.

The Introduction
The authors point out in the introduction that this book covers two systems of magic - one for man and one for faerry.  The magic of man involves rituals and gods while the races of faerry tap into and mold the "essential force that exists in all matter".  This manual is only an introduction and the basics of the magic system.  The introduction also mentions that there will be two expansions to the material presented in this book.  One expansion will cover the magic system of man and the other expansion will cover the races of faerry in great detail.

Table of Contents
A quick glance at the table of contents shows there are various topics besides just magic spells.  In addition to Basic magic and Faerry magic there are also sections on permanent magic, sorcerous combat, restrictions on magicians, magical fatigue, songs of the faerry, runes of the faerry, the faerry races, and elementals.

There are only 4 pieces of art in this whole book.  The artwork that is present is appropriate to the subject material but I believe that more artwork would be helpful to set the tone.  Images of some of the spells being used, the faerry races, runes of the faerry, or the elementals would be useful to the players.

That's enough for now since I just wanted to offer a very basic outline of the Book of Faerry and Magic.  I will begin with Basic Magic in my next AiF post.

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