Tuesday, October 4, 2011

[Old Gaming Notebook] Fantasy Board Game Project I

(The following information is presented as it originally appeared in one of my old gaming notebooks.)

In a Nutshell
Heroic figures explore dungeons, mazes, and other areas facing monsters, traps, and other hazards to reach their goal.

1 Hero Rule Book
1 Controller Rule Book
x# Map Boards
x# Hero counters
x# Monster counters
x# Trap tokens
x# Hazard tokens
x# Treasure tokens

(note: "x#" means an unspecified amount to be determined later.)

Expansion Material
Ideas for game material that could be added later.
Adventure Boxes: These boxes will contain the adventure, maps, & any additional pieces needed for play of the adventure.
Hero Pack: a pack of additional tokens and stats for new heroes.
Magic Pack: additional magical weapons for use in play.
Map Pack: additional boards to interlock with the boards from the basic set.


  • A male and female version of each Hero will be included in the box.
  • Map boards will be double sided so each side will have a different map configuration.
  • Basic Box will be huge because it has all of the initial setup pieces included.
  • Adventure Boxes will be smaller since they have just the additional pieces inside.
(This ends the Dungeon Crawl Fantasy Board Game Project entry from my old gaming notebook.)
(Information from this point on was not part of my old gaming notebook.)

There are times when you're just in the mood to just game - no desire to generate characters or go into a long drawn out process of setting up the game.  Dungeon Crawl The Fantasy Board Game Project was my answer for those times.   My initial idea was something resembling an advanced version of the old Dungeon board game or Dragon Strike. Gamers seem to love big boxed sets and this would have provided numerous little game pieces to mess with.   I think the game could have been expanded beyond the basic set with expansions like a maze with a minotaur, a wizard's tower, etc.  I got this design to the point of drawing up some mock pieces but I am not artist so that kind of killed my enthusiasm.  I may dust this off sometime and look into expanding upon the idea.


  1. Like!
    This would be a cool collaboration as well.

    1. I'm always up for a good collaboration. The first thing on the to do list would be to change the name. I believe FFG has a board game out now called Dungeon Crawl.