Sunday, April 29, 2012

X is for X Marks The Spot

***********Just for the sake of clarity - the theme for my A to Z postings is gaming in the 1980's with my friends.*************

I was planning on posting this on Monday as part of my catching up but I have it ready now...

X Marks The Spot
Of course, the "x" mentioned in the title of this post refers to a treasure map.  You know, the ones that are often seen in pirate movies, animated fantasy features, and other areas.  The treasure map is the only home made prop that my old gaming group ever used. 

It started with somebody using some notebook paper to rough sketch an old treasure map that he handed to the players when their characters found the map.  I took it a little further and tried to make my treasure maps look somewhat "authentic" by using copy paper.  I would crumple up a section of this paper and put a few creases in various spots.  I would also use a little bit of coffee or soda pop to make stain spots on the map.  Then I would draw the map on the paper after all of this so the ink would not bleed or smudge from the liquid used for staining. 

There are the instructions for making a home made treasure map prop for use in a gaming session.  I admit that it is not very sophisticated or high tech but it works for using with the gaming group.

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