Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Better Late Than Never...(Part 1)

I admit it - I failed to complete the A to Z challenge this year. I had it all planned out and got a good jump start but then overtime picked up at work and I got caught without enough leeway in the scheduled posts to compensate for the extra time spent at work.  It is not the same but I have split the remaining letters into two posts that will summarize each of the posts I intended to make for T to Z.

T is for Toldara
I have been asked from time to time where I got the name of Toldara for my campaign world.  I honestly just wanted a name that "sounded cool" and the answer is as simple as that.  One of the names I always liked was Talislanta and I wanted something similar.  At one point I considered customizing the Talislanta rules with Toldaran archetypes and world information but I never did. 

U is for Underworld
Toldara has an underworld inspired by reading books like Journey to the Center of the Earth and popularized in fantasy fiction and movies.  In the original campaign, the Slarn were just a different lizard like race found in the hotter climates but I think that will change in this campaign.  The Slarn will probably serve as the typical hostiles found in the underworld and fill the same type of spot that Orcs, Goblins, & Kobolds fill in a typical fantasy world. 

V is for Villains
There will be other recurring villains in addition to the Slarn.  There will  be members from the Church of Grax (the Dark Lord) that are trying to implement a plan of world domination that will serve as a driving plot point.  Others to come...

W is for World Map
I have an old world map for Toldara.  In fact, I have a few maps laying around.  I am not going to use them in the new campaign.  I am starting small with just the local area and I will expand outwards as necessary.  It may not be the most realistic map but it is fantasy gaming not real life so I am comfortable with that.  I used to worry about world maps and realism but I finally learned to just let it go.
Part 2 is coming soon...

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