Saturday, October 5, 2013

Lords of Salem

Work has been extremely busy as of late but I had some spare time so I decided to write about watching The Lords of Salem to help get back into the swing of things. 

When I first saw that trailer I was pretty excited.  I had enjoyed all of Rob Zombie's previous film workHouse of 1,000 Corpses reminded me of all those crazy horror movies from the 80s that my buddies and I used to watch to all hours of the night, The Devil's Rejects was just a wild and crazy ride from start to finish, his first Halloween movie felt like Halloween in the Friday the 13th universe to me for some reason, and the second Halloween movie was just plain intense.  I thought that the Lords of Salem would continue this trend but I was mistaken.
I did enjoy the flashback sequence at the opening of the movie; in fact, the flashback sequences scattered throughout the movie were probably the best parts.  There were a few spots that put dark, twisted imagery to good use in the film also.  Other than that, it was a slow journey in the same vein as Rosemary's Baby with no real scares that I can recall.  In short, the film was very disappointing to me.  I believe it could have better if the story would have been told from several perspectives - use the flashback sequences, show the author that was a guest on the radio show researching a book and slowly uncovering the Lords of Salem, use the Sherry Zombie character and her perspective but also sprinkle in some of the other descendants and their stories.  He could have weaved the stories and flashbacks together until it all interconnects at the end.  Just a few thoughts....

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