Saturday, January 4, 2014

[Adventures in Fantasy] Character Sheet (work in progress...)

I have yet to find a character sheet at all for Adventures in Fantasy.  I got the hookup on some character write-ups for AiF from a fellow blogger and decided to make one.  So far, my results are not the greatest BUT at least it is a starting point.  The character sheet is a work in progress; some stuff needs centered up, some needs verified through play test, and some is just not quite  If you have any suggestions then feel free to send them my way.



There is no entry for race because AiF is very human oriented.  The non-human races face great penalties and I do not want to mess with that right now.  They should be special and rare PCs and not the norm as in D&D.

Weapon damage is not listed because it is either: (1) all D6 or (2) variable depending on the results of rolling Hit Location Chart O.

Alignment seems to only be for Magic-Users.  Every magic-user can use neutral spells but lawful & chaotic magic-users are limited in their other selections.

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