Saturday, January 25, 2014

The House of BTS

I frequent the Palladium forums from time to time because I enjoy several of their games.  As I was reading the responses to a "sell me on BTS" thread I started, I was given the link to The House of BTS.  Even thought I do not own or play BTS yet, I found the fan site to be extremely well done and should be of use to others; here is what you can expect when you visit.

Home Page
This page has a short introduction, some great quotes, site news, and a list of the following pages.

BTS Books
Descriptions of the official BTS material from the original edition plus the second edition. This section also includes a list of Rifters with BTS material, RIFTS books useful for BTS, and the unreleased source books for BTS. 

Adventure Ideas
Five pages of adventure ideas to keep your campaign moving! These are always a big time saver for me.

Custom content for BTS such as characters, NPCs, Commissions, The Supernatural, Special Equipment, and skills added by the site author.

House Rules
This is a description of the house rules used by the site author.

Horror RPG Tips
A section of advice for running horror games with topics such as being a good BTS GM, being a good BTS player, when investigative skill rolls fail, and using sewers - think dungeons - in your game.

Inspirational BTS Material
This section covers additional material that might serve as inspiration for your games.  The subjects covered include movies, books, comic books, tv shows, video games, and music. I spend quite some time browsing this section because I am a big time fan of horror movies.  There was an excellent selection of old and new offerings to choose from.  I discovered some books that I had not been previously aware of also.

Links Worth Investigating
Obviously, this is a list of links to other sites that are of interest to people visiting The House of BTS.

Who Am I?
A little bit about the host of The House of BTS.

Contact Me
A form to fill out for rules questions, suggestions, tips, comments, etc.

In short, if you are a fan of horror gaming - probably horror in general would work also - or Beyond the Supernatural specifically then you should check out The House of BTS.  This site is basically what every gaming fan site should strive to be.  I was a little discouraged by the first couple of responses to my sell me thread but after visiting The House of BTS I am sold!    


  1. Thank you for your kind words concerning the House of BTS!

    They are very much appreciated. :)

    The Host (of the House of BTS)

    1. No problem! House of BTS deserves all the praise it gets!

  2. The House of BTS!

    The task at hand is to bring the masters work to (rotten) fruition. The house is indeed dark and growing deeper.

    Great to see this!