Sunday, September 7, 2014

[Sunday Spotlight] Two Rifts® Blogs/Post Themes I Recommend

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I think it is fair to say there seems to be a shortage of blogs devoted to the game lines of Palladium Books®. I am sure part of that is some feel a little intimidated by their internet policy and do not want to get it wrong on their blog.  Most of the blogs I have found have been dormant for some time.  Some of them have some really good content so it is unfortunate that they are no longer updated.  I do follow two blogs that are either devoted to a product of Palladium Books® or has posts devoted to one or more of their game lines.

Stabilizing Rifts® is a blog fully devoted to the game of Rifts®.  The stated mission is to "cut away the stupid stuff, and follow through on the rest to their logical conclusions.".  I find it very interesting reading.  Some of the posts series include Playing a Coalition Campaign, Playing a Magic-User in Rifts®, Playing a Psychic in Rifts®, and more.  These posts tend to take a good long look at the subject and provide practical information for use in your games.

101 Days of Rifts® is a series of posts at Places to Go, People to Be that is focusing on Rifts® for the next 101 days of posting.  The posting just started and is not scheduled to end sometime towards the end of December.  It is cool to read the author reminiscence about old games, articles in The Rifter®, developing house rules, and his Rifts® Laramie campaign.  There are also posts about other games at this blog.

Now that I have shown you some Rifts® links, what can you recommend to me?

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