Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The Megaverse® Beckons...

I took vacation today because it is my birthday.  I just felt like chilling at the house instead of busting my hump.  I caught up on some Netflix viewing that I had wanted to do so I was wondering what to do next. Then it dawned on me that the children were in school so a trip to the FLGS would not have to be rushed or spent monitoring their browsing activity.  

I went to Wizard's Asylum in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  There are other hobby stores in the area but I specifically wanted to look for the products of Palladium Books®.  I looked at all of the products before I decided to get the following three books:

Dead Reign Sourcebook Three: Endless Dead
Dead Reign™ Sourcebook Four: Fear the Reaper
Rifts® Sourcebook One™ - Revised and Expanded  

I bought the two Dead Reign™ books for 50% off.  There were other copies on the shelf at full price.  I have no idea why they were marked down.  I could  not tell the difference between the condition of the ones I purchased and the ones on the shelf.  Maybe it was over-stock?  Maybe they were browsing copies? Maybe they were "gently used" by the store for a game night, demo, or something else?  I have no idea but I do have a complete run of the published Dead Reign™ books.  

At one time I had the original version of Rifts® Sourcebook One™ but no longer.  I am basically starting over on my Palladium Books® collection.  I had numerous books but decided to trim down my collection.  I seriously advise doing this unless you are absolutely certain you will never want to use those books again!  I got rid of everything but the Rifts® Ultimate Edition™ I have kept for all of these years.  I have a recurring urge to use Rifts® and open it up every now and then to start planning.  Now the time is right to get serious about it so I have started planning some purchases for a campaign starting off in the West involving vampires, bandits, etc.  I even signed up to be a Megaversal® Ambassador and I will have some news on events or demos on that front soon.


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