Tuesday, December 22, 2015

[mobile post] Coming Out of Cryosleep

2015 got kind of crazy for a bit and one of the things that had to be put on the backburner was the old blog. It just did not seem that important with the real world issues going on. The doctors finally figured out my wife has something causing her a significant iron deficiency but after months of adjustments it looks like everything is headed in the right direction. I am just thankful it was not cancer as originally speculated.

I am going to get the blog back up and running in 2016. So, what exactly does that mean? Read on to find out...

I think a once a week posting commitment should probably do the trick. Any more than that can be considered a bonus.

You can expect the same sort of posts that have always been made here. There will be new features, of course, but it will still be the same familiar place.

That's it for now. Have a Merry Christmas and I will see you in 2016.

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