Tuesday, December 29, 2015

[mobile post] Sci-Fi Invasion

I am not just a fan of retro-games but I also enjoy B-movies. I have seen those mega movie DVD sets from Mill Creek Entertainment. There are several of these 50 movie sets available ranging from horror to mystery to science fiction. I have always wanted to check one out because the titles remind me of the old Saturday night creature features that would play on the local Fox channel back in the 1980s. My wife explained that she still found it difficult to buy Christmas presents for me so I told her to pick one of those up and she did. I have only watched one or two movies but I did notice that the 50 movies are split up among 12 DVDs with several movies on each. Once a month for the next year I will be viewing and posting about these "classic" movie selections. Disc 1 is coming in January...

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