Friday, October 1, 2021


I ordered a copy of Delving Deeper a while back.  I have been reading through different sections of the rulebook and the wheels are turning.  I have checked out many of the retro-clones, neo-clones, and games just barely inspired by one form of D&D or another and I think Delving Deeper may be my favorite of the bunch. It really feels like it is touching on all the bases for me.  This is a little weird because I never owned or played by the OD&D rules.  I started playing with a Holmes Basic set and the AD&D hardbacks.

I will admit that I was a little concerned about the rules using only the Fighter, Magic User, and Cleric classes with Thief being included as an optional class.  I understand the appeal now.  The simplicity has actually made it easier for me to add races to the game.  I have started converting my Toldara information over to the Delving Deeper system and it has been really smooth.  I have one player race ready and in a usable condition and I am working on the other race.  I will post that information soon.  I hope to actually put up a free pdf of all my additions at some point in the future.

Here is a preview of the Slarn character race; it is just the bare bones right now but I will be adding some artwork and the corresponding monster entry to go along with it.

SLARNS are often mistaken for the much more savage Lizardmen but are actually an entirely separate species of reptilian humanoids of roughly human size.  In contrast to the Lizardmen, the jaws of Slarns only protrude about 4 inches from their face and their tail is more of a short nub of approximately six inches.  Slarn typically populate the warmer climates such as jungles and tropical areas but they have been slowly expanding their reach in recent years.  It is not uncommon for Slarn to face a negative initial reaction in urban areas due to their similarity to Lizardmen.

Slarns may advance up to 6th level as a Fighter.  They usually prefer swords or spears as weapons and rely on their natural tough skin for protection since armor for them is very expensive due to the level of customization.  The scaly skin of the Slarn provides them the equivalent AC of Leather armor (7) and improves by 1 at every level after.  Slarns save vs. Breath Weapon as a Fighter 4 levels higher than their current level.  Slarns have a natural ability to blend in to background surfaces similar to the Thief ability to hide in shadows by changing the color of their scales. This is done undetected on a roll of 5-6 on a six-sided die at levels 1 and 2, a roll of 4-6 at levels 3 and 4, and a roll of 3-6 at levels 5 and 6.  Attacking negates any advantage of surprise from that point in the encounter. 

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