Friday, October 22, 2021

Tangle Tree [Delving Deeper Monster]

 First impression of the Tangle Tree monster for my Toldara campaign; presented in Delving Deeper stats.

Tangle Tree

in Lair




TANGLE TREES appear to be just another tree found in a woodland area but are actually something much more sinister. A parasite that has turned the tree into a carnivorous creature waiting for unsuspecting prey to stop and rest in the shade provided by its' branches.  The Tangle Tree will slowly inch vines down to wrap around any creature caught unaware. The vines may be avoided on a roll lower than the character's Wisdom score on a D20.  If caught, the vines will begin pulling their prey towards a gaping maw that opens up in the lower section of the trunk area.  This process will take 2+1D6 rounds.  A successful Open Doors check will allow the character to muscle their way free but they may also use weapons to cut away if their arms are free from entanglement.

Tangle Trees are typically solitary in nature but there are rumors of wooded areas that have been completely overran by these foul creatures.  The tree is immobile and it does not have a separate lair.  The creature has no treasure of their own but there is a 25% chance that scattered remnants of past victims may lay strewn about nearby; use whichever MEN entry in the Treasure Type section seems appropriate.  Wise travelers know to inspect any area before stopping for rest. In addition to looking for remains, fire pressed against a tangle tree will cause it to shriek and any chopping or cutting on the limbs will produce blood instead of sap.

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