Sunday, June 24, 2012

I'm Still Around...

Just a quick post to say that posting will resume shortly.  Putting it bluntly, the summer college semester is eating up my time since I also have work and family responsibilities.  Even thought it's been basically two weeks since I last posted, look for posts on the following subjects soon:

  1. Adventures in Fantasy: I still have the read through of Book 3 to complete the rules.
  2. D.O.T.T.: The Death of the Territories wrestling game by Eric Baker.  I have messed around a little bit with it but I need to investigate further.
  3. Quest Card: A neat little card game by Liam Thompson that has a lot of promise and potential.
  4. Perilous Journeys: I dig the crap out of this game because it makes the Lejendary Adventure rules a lot more accessible.
  5. RIFTS or Palladium Fantasy: I get the itch to run these two games every so often and the itch is coming on strong again.
Basically, I have several plans for new posts BUT real life stuff has just kept me busy.  Posting will resume soon.


  1. I do hope you semester is going well, Charlie!

    Summer courses can be the roughest, as they are so condensed.

    1. Thanks, Eric! I am not excited with these classes but I am just going to muscle through it.

      How goes the development of D.O.T.T.?

  2. Cheers dude, you got me inspired to start my own blog: Purple Crayon Creations. I'm also looking at getting backing for another game idea called BASH!

    1. Oh wow - Thanks! I am going there to sign up as a follower now! You're the guy behind BASH?! That's good stuff, there.

  3. I got lot's of Palladium that I do nothing with. I am ging to have to list it online SOMEDAY.