Sunday, March 30, 2014

Blog Update: Getting Organized

This post is just a quick update to inform all interested parties that regular posting will resume shortly.  I have had a few ideas about bringing some organization and structure to the posting here and I think I have found a decent amount of features to bring some focus to the topics.  I have come up with labels such as Steampunk Saturday and Toldara Tuesday to show what general topic a specific post covers.  Some of these features will be weekly while others will be sporadic in their use.  That does not mean that posts on those days will only covers those topics but it does mean that posts with a label attached such as "[Steampunk Saturday] Web Series Episode 1" will match the topic.  I will still make general gaming posts at whatever time.  I am not participating in the A - Z challenge this year but good luck to all of the participants.  I will see you all around shortly when regular posting continues...

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