Saturday, March 22, 2014

March Madness Obscure Game Blogging Challenge Part 5

I fell slightly behind so I decided to just go ahead and wrap this up in one mega-post of the remaining entries.  I do believe I am burned out on doing these daily challenges in one form or another.  The issue is not with the content - I like reading the answers from everyone else - but that I am just in the mood for something else.  Don't expect me to participate in these month long challenges for the near future.  I am sitting out the A - Z challenge also.  I may return to them at some point but I am looking for other subjects to post about currently.  Hopefully, my answers haven't bored anyone to tears so far.  Here are the remaining entries.

March Madness Obscure Game Blogging Challenge Part 5

17. Which RPG has the best high tech rules? Why?

I usually play fantasy but I do have a few favorites from outside of that genre.  I am going to go with Gamma World for the best high tech rules just simply due to that Artifact diagram you could roll against to attempt to discover the proper use of any technology found.

18. What is the crunchiest RPG you have played? Was it enjoyable?

The crunchiest RPG I have played would most likely be Champions.  I found all of the number crunching to be fascinating.  I enjoyed the level of customization available in the characters and their disadvantages, advantages, perks, power modifiers, etc. but I also hit the problem of having too many options.  While I enjoyed all of the varying possibilities I had issues moving from concept to final design.

19. What is the fluffiest RPG you have played? Was it enjoyable?

I am completely at a loss on the answer for this question.  I am sure that I will think up something shortly after posting this on my blog.

20. Which setting have you enjoyed most? Why?

I think the best answer for me would be Talislanta.  Regardless of what the ad says there are still a few races that would qualify as “Elves” but that is not the point.  Talislanta is truly unique and different from the myriad pseudo-Medieval campaign worlds available.  There are air ships, unique races, alien artifacts, and all sorts of other weirdness to keep you interested.

21. What is the narrowest genre RPG you have ever played? How was it?

My answer is going to be Paranoia.  I thought it was absolutely great and it is one of the games I really need to purchase.  How fun is playing a member of a team full of “Commie Mutant Traitors” that are looking to find “Commie Mutant Traitors” while trying to hide the fact you are a “Commie Mutant Traitor” from the rest of the team?  If you get discovered and terminated you have six clones waiting to take your place!  Are all of them traitors? GOOD TIMES!

22. What is the most gonzo kitchen sink RPG you ever played? How was it?

No doubt about it – RIFTS is the most gonzo kitchen sink RPG I have every played and it is brilliant!  Sure, I hear some of you moaning about “Palladium blah blah blah” or “Kevin is a …” or “Don’t they send out C&D letters to all their fan sites” but RIFTS is awesome!  Come on, what’s not to like?  The setting is a world with dimensional portals opened up allowing all sorts of other dimensional beings loose on a post-apocalyptic Earth!  The last big standing human force of resistance is the Coalition States that people seem to love or hate depending on how they view them.  There is magic, monsters, steampunk, dinosaurs, vampires, alien intelligences, other dimensions, and a list of other genre mash-ups longer than your arm!     

23. What is the most broken game that you tried and were unable to play?

I can not recall ever being in this situation.

24. What is the most broken game that you tried and loved to play, warts and all?

Again, I would have to say RIFTS is the most broken game that I have tried but I love to play it, warts and all.  Sure, the rules can get in the way at times.  I think the best part of RIFTS is the setting.  I always make sure the setting and story over-ride whatever wonky rules issues may crop up.

25. Which game has the sleekest, most modern engine?

I do not concern myself with this issue when I am picking out a game.  I am going with “no comment” or “non-issue” on this one.

26. What RPG based on an IP did you enjoy most? Give details.

Without a doubt, the old FASERIP Marvel game was a big hit with the old gaming group.  We converted a lot of our old V&V stuff over from that campaign and we liked the Marvel system so much that we used it for other genres.  I remember using the rules for G.I. Joe and Transformers and I believe we might have used it for other stuff but I am not sure.  Those are two folders of old stuff that I wish I could find.

27. What IP (=Intellectual Property, be it book, movie or comic) that doesn’t have an RPG deserves it? Why?

There are numerous Intellectual Properties that I think should have an RPG based around them.  Honestly, many of those can most likely best be realized as a supplement to an existing game system.  Maybe I missed it but I would have thought a supers game featuring the characters from the various IMAGE COMICS would have been spectacular.  I used to really dig Supreme and Youngblood and several other titles such as Wet Works.  I would have bought an IMAGE COMICS based supers game on the spot. 

28. What free RPG or what non-English RPG did you enjoy most? Give details.

I have yet to use it but I am fascinated by the complete DIY philosophy in the F.U.D.G.E. rules.  It always fascinates me reading through that book.  I really need to get something done with it.

29. What OSR product have you enjoyed most? Explain why.

The OSR product I have enjoyed the most is Swords & Wizardry: Complete because it feels like the perfect match for the complexity level of the old AD&D/D&D rules mash-up we used to play in my old group. 

30. Which non-D&D supplemental product should everyone know about? Give details.

I am generally a “core book and adventure modules” sort of guy so I do not buy a lot of supplements.  I really can not give any constructive advice on this one.

31. What out-of-print RPG would you most like to see back in publication? Why?

I would like The Fantasy Trip to be brought back in to publication.  I never owned it but I have looked over all of the rules.  I would have liked to have seen a revised and updated TFT rather than the G.U.R.P.S. line.  In my opinion, TFT gets it done with a whole lot less clutter and I like that a


  1. Good stuff - I have enjoyed reading everyone's posts but won't be doing another challenge anytime soon...

    1. Thanks! Yeah, it's been cool but I have just done too many of them too close together!