Tuesday, June 22, 2021

New OLD Stuff Has Arrived

The package I have been waiting on arrived Saturday. I am really happy with the packaging as none of the books came damaged or bent up or anything like that.  I will definitely buy from the seller again in the future; in fact, I have already put a bug in his ear about some other products I am looking for from his collection. A few random thoughts about the books have slipped through my mind so far.

The Palladium Role-Playing Game Revised Edition is not the edition my gaming group played as teens.  We played the black and red covered original edition.  The edition I bought is much closer to that one AND I have always intended to buy all three versions of the core book anyway so I only lack one at this point.

I only owned Mythus out of the Dangerous Journeys items I just bought.  I never owned Mythus Magick, the Bestiary, or the GM Screen so this is pretty cool to get a good number of products.  I am going to keep an eye out for Epic of Aerth and some other products.  Excuse me while I do some reading...

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