Saturday, March 6, 2021

Small Update

It has been rough at work lately.  If you are waiting on the continuation of my DragonRaid observations post it will be coming soon.  We have increased our rate of production at work and brought in new temps.  That is great for manpower but not great for quality because upper management acts like you can just throw anybody out there and things will just be better.  Not enough time to properly train or be close enough to make on the spot corrections.  It is very frustrating and kills morale to just hear "go, go, go" instead of actual solutions.  I am seriously considering a bid on a job in the Quality Department. It would be much easier on my body - I am approaching 50 - and it is time to start looking at less physically demanding work if they are not going to allow us proper training time.  Enough of my rant.

I have nine Reaper Bones miniatures in progress to complete my small collection of Orcs and Goblins.  I am trying to paint a bunch of the usual encounters in my typical campaigns.  So far, it is coming together pretty good.  I will get them finished soon but I am currently at the point pictured below.

I am planning on my next gaming purchase to be the Colonial Marines sourcebook for the ALIEN RPG.  I dig the core rulebook and I am interested in seeing what new options and ideas are in this new sourcebook.

The house hunt is going pretty good.  I have received wonderful news on the financing so that makes things easier.  The only problem right now is finding a house that is not already in the progress of being purchased.  It seems that houses are going as fast as toilet paper was going when COVID fist started. I will find one but it just might take a little bit.

My daughter turned 13 on Thursday.  We are having her birthday party on Sunday. I got her a Roblox gift card and an Apple gift card.  I was out of ideas but I do know she will like both of them.  I am also going to take her to get new softball shoes.  She will be happy!

That is about it around here.  The schedule has been work, home, sleep, work, view a house, home, sleep, work, etc. and repeat for the last two weeks or so.  

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