Friday, November 11, 2011

It Has Begun...

The semester ends in 3 weeks so I took the first step in getting my stuff in a presentable format - I put a link in the resources section for draft 1 of MicroToldara; the Microlite20 version of my home campaign world, Toldara.  It started as a 3E design, migrated to 3.5E, and is in the process of being converted over to Pathfinder.  Those systems are all fine and well but the older I get the more interested I become in just playing instead of tracking a huge amount of rules.

I'm a big fan of Microlite20 and thought it would be just about perfect for representing my campaign world.  I converted the information over but there is still plenty left to do:

Classes: Add in an assassin, elementalist, & witch class; evaluate psionics.

Magic: Play test a mana pool system.

World Information: Put it in the

I make no claims of grand design or anything such similar claims.  This is the first draft and very much just the beginning of the work.  I began by using M20 Purest Essence, added in "Toldara appropriate" stuff from other M20 variants, and then adding in specific Toldara rules information.  The link is provided for anyone interested in checking it out but keep in mind that it's just a start.

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