Friday, November 25, 2011

Player Character Races of Toldara

The Toldara campaign not only uses the standard races presented in the core rules - with some modifications - but also allows more options for player characters.  A quick summary of these races and changes is detailed below.
  • Anshu: A humanoid feline race.
  • Goblin: Not all of the Goblins are minions of evil; some have risen to great heroic deeds. 
  • Half-Orc: The Half-Orc race is not a simple mix of human and orc; some details can be found in this post.
  • Human: In addition to the statistics presented in the core rules, the ability scores of a human character are generated by rolling 7 sets of scores and choosing the 6 scores to use.
  • Karnin: A canine humanoid race.
  • Oranian: A winged bird-like humanoid race from the Oran mountain regions.
  • Slarn: A reptilian or lizard like race of humanoids.
The Anshu and Karnin are often at odds with each other.  Their nations have been in a constant cycle of war with intermittent periods of peace but something seems to always ingnite the feud again.  Individual members of each race are, of course, able to over prejudices or preconceived notions when it comes to members of the other race.

The Goblin started out as a one person experiment in Alex's game.  It was such a success that other people wanted to play goblins occasionally also.  Part of the history of Toldara is the first age had a war between the gods of light and the gods of darkness.  Members of the goblin race discovered that being a minion of the gods of darkness wasn't what it was cracked up to be.

The Half-Orc origin is a result of my personal dislike for the often used rape or spoils of war origin of the race so I came up with the explanation I use in the Toldara campaign.

The Human characters getting an extra roll during ability score generation was just done to give them further advantage for lack of any real special abilities.

For information on the Oranian race, Alex is the best source of information.

In regards to the Slarn race, I am not sure whether to do a full fledged write up or just use the lizard man entry and do some background tinkering like the Half-Orc or something similar in the timeline to the Goblins of Toldara.

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